Do you want to order a caricature as a gift or a surprise? Anyone can order a customized caricature in an A3 or A4 formats!

How does it work? You e-mail me at or skype (s.gatis) me to give an idea of what kind of cartoon you are looking to produce.  If you want me to draw a caricature that includes a person/persons, you will need to provide me a photo, so I can draw a recognizable face. In case you do not have a concrete idea, which happens often with my clients, you can provide me a short description of a person, including her hobby, occupation, and other interesting things. After discussing details, we agree on terms and pricing.

I will produce a sketch drawing first. After you accept it via e-mail, I will finish caricature with special color pencils and markers. The final product can be received as a hard copy via mail or in a digital format via e-mail.