The Saint Just le Martel Cartoon Festival started on Friday the 29th of September and finished on Sunday the 8th of October. Event very well-known, St Just le Martel presents about ten exhibitions and invites every year about a hundred cartoonists to express their views through conferences and debates. And any fans who would like to visit with the scores of attending editorial cartoonists are welcome to come. In the little town has built a big, nice cartoon museum.


Cartoon exhibition St Just le Martel, cartoon poster


My cartoons also was exhibited there, under the topic Trump Nine Months Later, curated by Daryl Cagle.


Trump, cartoon exhibition, Saint Just le Martel


Gatis Sluka cartoons, Trump cartoon


Donald Trump groundhog day, political cartoon, Gatis Sluka
U-turn, Donald Trump political cartoon, turn back, Gatis Sluka


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Cagle cartoonists, top cartoonists syndicate, World's Greatest Cartoonists

The CagleCartoonists above are, from left to right: Manny Francisco (Singapore), Angel Boligan (Mexico), Christina Sampaio (Portugal), Pierre Balouhey (France), Pat Bagley (Utah), Gatis Šļūka (Latvia), Steve Sack (Minnesota), Osmani Simanca (Brazil), Monte Wolverton (Washington), Bill Schorr (California); Ed Wexler (California); Jeff Koterba (Nebraska) and Emad Hajjaj (Jordan). Daryl Cagle seated in the front. Missing from this group photo are Rainer Hachfeld (Germany), Jos Colignon (Holland), and Christo Komarnitski (Bulgaria).